And here is the final book cover design!

My Secret Sasquatch book coverSo, here it is! (Click on it for a larger printable version).

It has been a real pleasure working with Ronan ( on this. We worked back and forth on different drafts, playing with the fonts and the lighting. And I think we have come up with a cover that really gives a sense of the mysterious… of that dark realm, the uncertainty between what is and is not (or, more correctly, what is and what could be) that this book explores.

So, having the book cover done has really upped my motivation. I am just over halfway through the writing now, and will be pushing hard with this (while juggling a few other projects!) through the summer and fall.

The plan is for the book to be out – in both traditional paper and ebook formats – next spring!


About Jacqueline Windh

I'm a writer, photographer, and radio broadcaster who is concerned about our planet and how we live our lives - hoping my work helps people to find new ways of thinking about issues such as personal health, wilderness, the environment, food security, thinking about the future. These things are all connected, you know...

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  1. Nice!,

    Congratualtions Jackie! beautyfull cover!, I’m looking froward to read the book!


    • Why thank you, Rodrigo, my amigo from Patagonia!

      Hey, did you know that I am also working to release another book about your region – the North American English-language edition of Hai kur mamashu shis, the translation of traditional Yagan tales (the edition published in Chile was both Spanish and English). I am working with Cristina Zárraga and others on it right now – we plan to have it out this fall. (The website for it is:

      Great to hear from you!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    The cover looks great! Can’t wait to see what’s inside…

  3. Very distinctive, you can’t miss it. Hope you are enjoying writing.

  4. Thanks Charles… but does that mean that you like it? Or do you think it’s too strong…

  5. Yes, I like it! It’s not bland and predictable, it has individuality. I would say it does have a feminine look to it but not exclusively so. Of course, I don’t really know the content so I am guessing about how appropriate it is as a cover, but the title and script font suggests it is perhaps written in a diary format or similar. I’ll have another look later, just got to dash off to get the train to work!

    • Oh good! I wanted something unusual… and the whole look that I am going for is that of the “mysterious.” It is not a book about sasquatches – there is one sasquatch story in there, amongst the many different stories.

      The idea is more about blurring the line between what is real and what is not, and I am hoping that the cover invokes a bit of a sense of mystery… Who dropped those flowers there? What is in that deep dark forest?

  6. Jacqueline, I took the liberty of sending a link to your book cover page to a good frienm who is a professional designer and it’s a thumbs up from him!

    ‘This is a really lovely cover by Jacqueline – I really like it all without any reservations and the “and other possibilities” has a nice contemporary feel to it with regard to th way she’s used the tape strip as a backing.

    So (imo) a winner!’

    • Cool, thanks Charles. I’m glad that your professional friend thinks so. That’s exactly why I chose Ronan to work with – he is a professional designer, and I just really loe his work, how he works, how he approaches design.

  7. Sorry Jacqueline, I’ve just re-read my previous comment which I posted in haste at work this morning and it can be interpreted as more than a bit patronising! It’s clear your design was done by a professional, and a very good one, and my friend loves it. So do I.

    • No, don’t worry Charles, I didn’t take it that way at all. I was referring more to my own decision-making about all of this (which you wouldn’t have known about), about whether to try to do the design myself or to pay for a professional. Looking at this result, I am so glad I chose to pay for a professional (and I won’t be posting the rought try that I had at the design first!)

  8. Thanks, that’s reassuring. You found a talented designer. All you have to do now is complete the book but I hope you don’t get tempted to rush it.

  9. Beautiful cover – enjoy the journey!

    • Thanks Gwendolyn!

      Yes, I am very excited about the whole project. I’m a bit frustrated that I haven’t moved forward with the writing as much as I’d hoped these last few months… but it’s because another exciting project kind of shouldered its way in ahead. So it’s all good… As Charles said, it’s not worth rushing it.

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