Monthly Archives: July 2011

Finding an eco-friendly printer

It’s been a while since I updated you on the progress of My Secret Sasquatch. I did mention in my last post that I was juggling other projects, right?

Well, one of the projects that I thought would not be a priority until September came unexpectedly to the forefront for May-June-July. It’s all good, a very exciting creative project that I had in the plan anyway, just a matter of reordering my work schedule. And then there is another very exciting one that came up unexpectedly, which I hope to make an announcement about in the coming months.

But what that means for my book publication schedule is that things are delayed. I had been hoping to release the North American English-language edition of Hai kur mamashu shis (the collection of tales of the Yagán people that I translated from Spanish to English, which was published in Chile in 2005, and which WordPress won’t let me link to for some reason, so you’ll have to paste this link into your browser if you want to check it out: this fall and then My Secret Sasquatch in the spring. For both of those books, I really value using eco-friendly papers – at very least those that are oldgrowth-free. I also want to find a printer that links me into a major distribution system, so that once people hear of the book, they can actually find it! I am totally into doing the book promo myself (I actually really love talking about my books!), but I can’t reasonably do the distribution myself.

So, with those other projects moving in this spring/summer, I think I have missed the opportunity to get Shis out for the fall. I could probably get it printed in time, but it is too late for me to book a decent book tour at good venues. And no point rushing the printing if no one is going to hear about it, right? Especially considering I am not done with those other two projects yet – I cannot just drop them right now – so I do not have the time to properly devote to getting these two books out at the moment. If Shis moves to the spring, then My Secret Sasquatch also gets pushed back.

So that is the update. Even though this blog has been quiet, My Secret Sasquatch is moving ahead. Still on track for 2012 publication; it just may be autumn rather than spring.

If anyone has experience with printers – and, especially, printers who both use environmentally friendly papers and who are linked in to the major North American book distribution system (both Amazon and bookstores) I sure would appreciate hearing from you.