My Secret Sasquatch (and other possibilities)

Congrats on finding this brand new site…

Yup, it’s official: I’m working on my next book, My Secret Sasquatch (and other possibilities). This one will be somewhat different from my other books: toying with that grey area between “fiction” and “non-fiction.” My Secret Sasquatch will be a collection of writings that, rather being easily classified as stories that either “did” or “did not” happen, explore the realm of what could happen.

This website is brand new, and the book is currently half-written. Look for My Secret Sasquatch, in both paperback and ebook editions, in 2012 – and be sure to check back here for more info and some sneak-peaks of what will be inside.

For more about me, visit While you’re there, be sure to take a look at my four other books.


About Jacqueline Windh

I'm a writer, photographer, and radio broadcaster who is concerned about our planet and how we live our lives - hoping my work helps people to find new ways of thinking about issues such as personal health, wilderness, the environment, food security, thinking about the future. These things are all connected, you know...

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