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The cover design…

Well, I knew that I wanted skunk cabbages on the cover of My Secret Sasquatch. They only bloom for a few weeks, from mid-April to early May, so – even though the book won’t be published for another year (I’m aiming for spring 2012) –  I have been out doing the photography for the cover and for other book promo materials.

I sent the photos and my ideas over to my friend Ronan Lannuzel, who is an amazing graphic designer at  I love Ronan’s work, and I knew that he would be able to take my concept and turn it into a reality.

So we have been sending drafts back and forth for a week now, and I am very excited. Ronan has  great ideas, and a lovely light creative touch. He’s done things with my concept that I would never have thought to do myself, and it’s great! We are pretty close to the final version now, so stay tuned.

The general idea for My Secret Sasquatch (and other possibilities) has been forming within me for over three years now. By about a year ago, the concept: what my aim with it is, and what the content will be, became pretty clear. But really, the whole process of writing a book is a strange thing – for nearly the whole time, it feels like something nebulous rather than concrete, just an idea in my head and a list of files on my computer.

Sometimes it can be hard to summon up the motivation to finish up a large writing project – but for me, seeing the book cover is the ultimate motivation: The book is real, and there is a destination in sight. I am inspired to keep writing!

I’ll upload the cover here once Ronan and I finalize things, so check back soon!